Set the selector back to “F” before printing. These key switches allow you to select various important features and functions of the printer by setting the Control Table. Bottom and front pull-tractor feed. The mode is entered by turning on the power switch while pressing the [LF] switch. Turn the power off, wait a moment then turn the power on to set top of form.

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Epson LQ Italic Character set. Press back on the tractor clamping levers locking the tractors in place. Turn the power off, wait a moment then turn the power on to set top of form. To keep the current setting, simply go to a different option. Slide the tractors out towards the sides and raise the tractor covers.

As you lift, release the rear levers, continue lifting until tractors snap into place. Make sure that the head gap lever position is appropriate to the type of paper being used. To release the self test mode, turn the power switch off. The side on which you wish to print should face up. When the [ROW] switch is pressed, the row position will advance sequentially from 1st to 7th.


Advances to the next row position on the Control Table. There are two types of selection: Enter or exists the Function mode.

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You can also insert the continuous fanfold paper through the front of the printer. Verify that the paper feed selector is in the “F” position.

Slide the tractors out toward the sides and raise the tractor covers. Slide the top cover toward the rear of the printer as shown. Align the paper sprocket holes with tractor pins and close tractor covers.

This releases the paper and allows the paper to be positioned manually as required. The printer has a self test feature which allows the user to test the printer independently of the computer.

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Make sure the paper is straight. The group type works in conjunction with other cells all of which are mutually exclusive if one is YES, all others must be No. Since only one font can be current, when one is chosen YES-column indicator light is litall others are “deselected” No-lights are OFF.

The change will not occur until the current line is finished. This indicates the printer is in the Initial Setup mode. Continue to guide the paper until you feel resistance.


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Set the selector back to “F” before printing. Replace the top cover so that it is totally forward. Insert the continuous fanfold paper through bottom slot and pull it up as shown. Replace the kd cover. Not operational when the Control Table is not in the above mentioned positions If pressed, error sound will occur.

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Advances to the next column position on the Control Table. Align the paper horizontally without any slack, by using the mark son the smoked plastic cover as a guide.

If the tractor is in the “pull” position, push it down to the “push” p124 by pinching both tractor position shift levers and rotating the tractors downward. Open the paper door and begin to insert the paper by using the paper guide.